Chestnut trellis

Made entirely from durable sweet chestnut, this handcrafted wooden trellis is the perfect product for adding a bit of privacy, screening off unsightly areas, dividing a garden into different zones or simply as a structure on which to grow specimen plants.

The structure of these bespoke trellis panels is based on my tried and tested chestnut gate hurdles and produces a very strong, long-lasting product. All the horizontal and vertical slats are made from cleft (split) chestnut that are then shaved with a drawknife to make as even as possible. Making them this way means that each component still retains some of it’s individual character and gives a natural rustic feel. Rosehead nails are then used to fix all the components together to produce a real high quality hand crafted trellis.

All the trellis is made to order, so the spaces between the slats can be tailored to your needs to create a more, or less, solid screen

Relatively low panels held up between taller stakes or poles can be used to grow climbers up over them. This can give the effect of pleached trees allowing one to see below the screens and beyond whilst still dividing an area and creating a little visual height at the same time.


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