Traditional baskets

I am pleased to introduce my new range of handmade baskets, whose design is inspired by traditional baskets which are no longer produced commercially. At present the range consists of:

  • The Bramley basket
  • The Foxglove basket

The range offers a variety of styles and sizes, and there should be a basket for most purposes. The Bramley basket offers vegetable gardeners a hard wearing basket suited to a wide range of uses while the Foxglove basket may be of interest to flower arrangers.

Bramley baskets

devon splint basketThese are based on a traditional west country basket called a Devon Splint, which in its home region was the Sussex trug of its day. Splint baskets consist of a steamed sweet chestnut handle and rim, sweet chestnut splints (slats on the sides) and a larch base. The whole thing is fixed using copper and bronze nails. 

Splints are a slightly heavier, more robust basket than a similar size trug. However, they do have one distinct advantage over their Sussex cousins – they have a flat bottom. This enables the user to stand flower pots, bottles, jars, etc, in them without them falling over. They are also ideal for collecting anything from potatoes to apples.

Within this range there is a choice of two different shapes; rectangular (with or without a handle) or round.

  • No. 1 (small) from £35
  • No. 2 (medium) from £65
  • No. 3 (large) from £85

Foxglove baskets

This simple style of basket is ideal for collecting cut flowers without them getting crushed. Each one consists of a unique steamed silver birch base (keeping the natural edge wherever possible) and a steamed sweet chestnut handle, all held together using copper tacks. The standard basket comes without feet, but for a more refined look they are also available with silver birch feet, making them perfect for display in the home or elsewhere.

From time to time I am able to offer a range of different decorative wood options for the bases of these flower baskets. (Please contact me to see what is presently available.) 

Prices start from £45

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