Entrance gates

Whereas the garden gates I make often follow a series of standard styles my handmade entrance gates tend to be treated as one off designs. Although each entrance gate might take an existing example from the gallery as a starting point, this is usually  just to get the ball rolling

I will produce a number of sketches outlining possible bespoke design solutions, which can then be modified as necessary to fit the customer's preferences.

There are 2 types of material used; oak or sweet chestnut. Oak gives a more formal look whilst chestnut can be used to look more rustic. Both woods are renowned for their durability outdoors without the need for artificial preservatives.

A metal throw-over latch or wooden slider latch option are available depending on which one is best suited to the location and purpose of the gate.

Styles of handmade wooden gates

Please refer to the entrance gates in the gallery for a better idea of what is possible.

Gate installation

I am happy to provide a full gate installation service should you require it, or can simply supply the finished gate for you to install yourselves.

For a better idea of my gate range please go to the side gates or entrance gates pages or visit the gallery.

Gate posts

As part of the whole design solution, I make gate posts to match the style of each particular gate; be they a sawn and planed oak post for a formal entrance gate or a rough sawn and shaped oak post for a rustic cottage garden gate.  

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