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Green Man Woodcrafts

Events for 2014 

Hampshire Country Fair
May 4–5th
Netley Marsh

Grow London
June 19th–22nd

Borde Hill Plant Finders Fair
June 27–29th

August 23–25th
Westonbirt arboretum

Wiltshire Game & Country Fair
September 27–28th
Bowood, Wiltshire

Bean Poles and Pea Sticks

Throughout the months of January to early May I cut and sell bundles of pea sticks and bean poles. The material comes from coppiced hazel and is a good way to make use of the twiggy tops (for the pea sticks) and the larger knottier rods (for bean poles) that would otherwise be left to rot. 

Pea sticks

Pea sticks are usually approximately 5 feet tall and come in bundles of 24. They offer excellent support to the rambling climbing nature of peas, but can also be used for other annual climbers such as sweet peas or nasturtiums.

Bean poles

Bean poles are approxmately 8 feet tall and come in bundles of 12. Unlike smooth bamboo canes, these poles are irregular and as such make it much easier for the beans to grip them as they grow. They are also considerably heavier than canes and therefore much better at withstanding strong winds and storms when the plants are in full leaf

As these are seasonal products, please ring me or go through the contact page to check availability.