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Green Man Woodcrafts

Events for 2017

Rowdeford Garden Fair
May 14th
Rowdeford School, Rowde, Devizes,
SN10 2QQ

West Woodhay Gardeners' Fair
June 23–25th
West Woodhay House, West Woodhay, Highclere, Berks. RG20 0BS

Oak Fair
August 26th–27th
Stock Gaylard Estate, Sturminster Newton, Dorset


Arches not only create a frame on which to grow climbing plants such as clematis or honeysuckle; they can also add visual height to an otherwise flat garden, frame a particular vista or form an architectural feature in their own right. They could also be combined them with a bespoke seat or bench to create a unique arbour?


 Sweet chestnut arches

Sweet chestnut offers considerably more scope for creativity than wattle, and so the styles of arches made from this material are only limited by the imagination of the creator and the material to hand. Their visual and physical weight can be dramatically varied to create, at one end of the spectrum, a relatively light airy structure or, at the other, something monumental.

Preservative free - perfect for the organic garden

Sweet chestnut needs no treatment with preservative as its high tanin content makes it as durable as oak outdoors. The life expectancy of these arches (depending on size and location) can range from 10 years to 40+.

The standard styles of sweet chestnut arch I make fall into two broad categories; flat top or pitched top. (Although i refer to them as flat topped they are in fact slightly curved/arched depending on the wood available.) Like so many of my products, these arches are all made to order so within reason they can be whatever width, height and depth you require to fit in with your specific space.

Bespoke design

If you wish to order an arch, the best thing to do is to give me the size of the gap it is to go in and let me quote you on the specific size. Also, if you send me a photo of the site, I might be able to suggest alternative designs that I think would suit the location.

sweet chestnut arch over gate
   Pitched roof sweet chestnut rose arch with leaf motif gate